Sensory dynamic “Help-me room”

Sensory dynamic “Help-me room” will enable to the pupils of the N:17 special school to develop and strengthen new skills much more quickly, to overcome motor awkwardness,

Safe Tavush

Under the “Hand to Hand” program we are starting new project. The bombing of Tavush region during the July/12/2020 to July/15/2020 period has caused big damage to region’s

Old People in the Isolation

The virus has isolated us all, but our elder generation has found itself in a more difficult situation. Old people are recognized as a risk group by the coronavirus – they


The points included in the mission of “AKUNQ” Charity Foundation are following: Social, psychological and technical support to the vulnerable segments of the

Financial support for Ayvazyan Family

Ayvazyan Gurgen is 8 years old. The boy was born with autism. Despite household and financial problems, his mother did everything that was possible to make sure that her child is